There are many administrative procedures in healthcare that are designed to help the entire industry run as efficiently as possible. It could be argued that for health plans, the most important of these procedures is HEDIS®. If you work for a health plan then you know what HEDIS is and that it is very important. People who do not work for ...


Medical Record Reviews for Quality Assurance

Health care quality has been an important issue for almost 100 years. According to the Western Journal of Medicine, Health Care pioneers and government regulatory bodies began to implement Quality Assurance measures as early as 1917. This began the practice of health care facilities having to meet a set of standards in order to have a foundation for improving ...


Advance Health Care Directive Registry

End of life planning is an uncomfortable topic for most people, but it is an important one nonetheless. The best way to deal with planning for the end of life stage is through an Advance Health Care Directive. Advance Health Care Directives are legal documents and they are not just for individuals who are terminally ill or critically injured. These are ...


Lessons from NY Disability Fraud Case

Another round of disability fraud in New York City has made national headlines and it’s an excellent example of how disability claims can be abused. There were already 100 retired firefighters, police officers, jail guards and others accused of scamming the Social Security disability system and most recently 32 more people were charged. An interesting aspect of this round of allegations ...


Our company is an industry leader in scheduling disability services nationwide. We’ve been providing the UNIVAL Advantage to large insurance companies and employers for over 20 years. In an earlier post we talked about how an Independent Medical Examination (IME) is used in a Disability Insurance Claim by our clients. We also have clients who need us to schedule Functional Capacity ...