UNIVAL is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and began operations more than 20 years ago, providing medical-related services to companies in southeastern Michigan. Today, UNIVAL provides integrated healthcare services to large health care insurance companies, health plan organizations and other major employers nationwide.

UNIVAL delivers technology solutions to some of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations, insurance companies, disability insurance companies, medical providers, employers and health care consumers. UNIVAL’s latest technology platform – SentryDirect – enables seamless, fast, two-way transfer of health care data in compliance with the Direct Project’s secure communication protocols and addressing mechanisms. A few of UNIVAL’s customers include Aetna, Humana, United Health Group, Amerigroup, Ingenix, Liberty Mutual, AmeriChoice and MetLife.

UNIVAL is committed to client care standards of excellence, delivering high quality products and services. Our skilled staff is dedicated to providing the best possible customer care by understanding the needs of our clients and successfully meeting those needs. We often work with fast turn-around requests and provide outstanding customer service along with a high value finished product your company can depend on.

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